Children’s Sexual Behavior: What’s Normal? (3 CEs)


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Product Description

“Children’s Sexual Behavior: What’s Normal?” explores the definition of “normal” sexual behavior in children, how culture and media influences and shapes children’s sexuality, and the relationship between sexual development and childhood play. It will also introduce readers to the Child Sexual Behavior inventory (CSBI), various schemas for categorizing children’s sexual behavior, and discusses sexual behavior as a symptom.

The course material is text based and provides the reader with web page links to research, videos and additional articles to elucidate key learning points.

Author: Niki Delson, LCSW

CE Units: 3

Target Audience
This intermediate level continuing education course is for mental health practitioners and social workers nationwide who are interested in exploring the complex nature of childhood sexual behavior and sexual development. It will be especially meaningful as a foundation for understanding the development of sexual (mis)behavior patterns in childhood.

1. understand the complex nature defining “normal” in relation to childhood sexual behavior
2. recognize the personal lens through which they view children’s sexual behavior
3. identify how culture and media shape children’s sexuality
4. identify the relationship between children’s sexual development and child play
5. classify children’s sexual behavior along a continuum
6. establish when sexual behavior between children warrants a mandated child abuse report

CASOMB: Domain 4: Topic 5: Healthy sexuality training for individuals who have sexually offended; Adjunct Training Topics: Human Sexuality