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Sexual Offenders Basics, 1A: What a Professional Needs to Know (2 CEs)


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Product Description

This is the first module in a two-part series “Sexual Offender Basics.” Before delving into foundational material, the reader is asked to explore their own thoughts, feelings and biases about sex offenders. The course examines terminology used to describe this population; delves into deviant sexual behaviors including the new (DSM-5) criteria for diagnosing Paraphilic Disorders; illustrates how researchers/clinicians classify pedophiles; and provides research about crossover sexual behavior and sex offender demographics. Throughout the course, the reader will find citations to the research and links to web sites that elucidate the material.

Target Audience
The beginners course is designed for mental health practitioners, social workers and sex offender treatment providers. The course material covers several CA Sex Offender Management Board Core Training topics necessary for Sex Offender Treatment Certification.

After completing the course, the reader will be able to:

1. Recognize the personal lens through which they approach learning about sexual offenders.
2. Identify and define common terms related to deviant sexual behaviors and offenses.
3. Distinguish paraphilia from Paraphilic Disorder
4. Identify known factors related to crossover sexual behaviors.
5. Identify known factors related to sexual offender demographics

CASOMB: See training requirements under the Certification tab at This course applies to: Domain 1, Topic 1 “Empirical data on sex offense and victimization demographics, etiology, epidemiology, and offender recidivism,” Topic 2: “Sex offender or sex offense characteristics and typologies,” Domain 4, Topic 2 “Understanding deviant sexual arousal or paraphilias,” Adjunct Training Topic “Therapist wellness and self-care.”