Welcome to PsychAcademy.net, a premiere source of CE Units on a variety of topics.  Currently, we are specializing in course topics focused on sex offender treatment certification.  Please review the following FAQs to enhance your experience on the site:

1. What is CASOMB Certification and do I need it?

CASOMB is an acronym for the California Sex Offender Management Board.  Their informative website can be viewed here:  www.casomb.org

CASOMB is a governmental board composed of several types of professionals who are working with the sex offender population.  This board is charged with making recommendations to the state government about policy decisions and implementation regarding sex offender management.  They are also charged with certifying sex offender treatment providers as well as programs.  In this role, they require a certain number of training hours in the field prior to certification.  They also require a certain amount of continuing education units to maintain certification.  PsychAcademy.net provides continuing education units that count toward certification.

People outside of California may not care about CASOMB certification.  Other states, however, have similar boards that oversee the treatment of this population.

2. I purchased a course, and left the site.  How do I find and complete the courses I purchased?

Click here for simple instructions

3. I can’t find my previously earned CE certificates, where are they?

Don’t worry.  At PsychAcademy.net you always have access to your previously purchased courses (regardless of whether you completed them).  Furthermore, you can download the certificates again if you misplaced them.  Go to the My Account tab, click on it.  Select “My Account” and your courses will be listed at the bottom of the page.  Click the Course Login red button.  You will then see a list of your courses and your completion status.  View image below to find the certificates.


Click on Achievements and then Download Certificate

As usual, please feel free to contact support@psychacademy.net if you get lost.

4. I am done with the course, how do I get to the certificate?

Each course has several different “modules” within it.  You must complete each module to be able to access the certificate.  Typically the modules consist of: The Course, the Attestation Statement and the Final Evaluation.  At the end of the evaluation you will have access to the CE certificate, which will remain in your account forever.  In order to go to the next module, you have to complete the previous module (ie. You have to complete the course, through the final assessment, to advance to the Attestation Statement).  In order to advance to the next module, click on the Next Module button at the top right when you are within the course.


5. Are more courses going to be added?  If so, when will that be?

Yes.  We are always in the process of looking at and adding new courses.  Know that we are committed to adding more courses and understand that access to these types of trainings can be limited.  We add courses as quickly as they become available.  If you have an idea for a course or want to create one yourself, please contact support@psychacademy.net.


6. How can I figure out how many hours each course is?  I need 15 hours of training, how can use these courses to fulfill that requirement?

That is what is nice about CE courses on PsychAcademy.net.  The number of CEs equals the number of hours.  We work to determine how long a course takes to complete and offer that many CEs.  So If you need 15 hours of training, take 15 CEs of courses.  A simple 1 to 1 relationship between hours and courses makes this easy to figure out.

7. I am a program manager and want to pay for my staff to complete a PsychAcademy course?  How do I do that?

First, let us just say, you are a kind manager to do that for your staff.  Keep in mind that PsychAcademy is oriented toward individuals and not groups.  That means that whomever registered for the course will have their name on the CE certificate.  So we have devised a simple process to ensuring that your staff gets the training they need.

  1. First, look at the list of courses and find the courses you want your staff to complete.  Note the course fee.
  2. Purchase store credit in the quantity of the number of staff you want to pay for.  The amount of the credits should equal the fee for the course (s) you want them to complete.
  3. When the purchase is complete, email each individual member of your staff the coupon codes (one per individual).  They can then enroll in the course (s) using those codes.  The codes will credit the purchase for the amount of the course.  They do not need to use their own credit card or other form of payment.

8. What do I do if I have further questions or would like to speak to someone directly?

Please email us at: support@psychacademy.net.  You can also call us at: 408-335-7691